“In Wichita, It Happened Again Last Night…” – February 13th, 2013 10:21 am CT

It happened to me again, last night.  It seems to always happen at these speaking engagements.  I choked up when talking about my beloved wife who has been my rock throughout this ordeal.

Allow me to make this abundantly clear – the “hero” in the Goddard household is my bride.  You good folk have no idea how special she is.  But I do.

Only I, her husband, do.

It’s funny.

Like I said last night, a tweet about marriage got me into this mess.  And it’s ONLY through enduring this “mess” that I’ve come to truly appreciate just how important marriage is.

I was thinking… just how shocked Gloria Steinem might be when, upon passing from this mortal coil, she sees another world in which creatures of the sea are spinning ferociously aboard two-wheeled contraptions… much to the amusement of the angels.

Just a thought…