When “Neighbourhood Watch” Should Be More “Neighbourhood ACT”.

So today, Cardinal Burke “issued a call this morning for the Catholic faithful to “work for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.””

I may be harsh, but I can’t help but compare +Burke to the neighbour who lives next door to a household in disrepair due to an abusive father. Dad’s gonna come home drunk again, and all the neighbour can do is tell the children that they make sure their rooms are spick and span.

Sure, the Catholic faithful have to keep praying. But the answer isn’t speaking to the kids. The answer is smacking around (figuratively) a derelict dad who refuses to come up with four yes/no answers.

Video Proof Of When God Is Buried – March 26th, 2016

I grew up, bombarded by the culture surrounding me, that women were the answer.
If women were at the helm of corporations, moral business conduct would surge.
If a female pro-tennis player could beat a male counterpart 26 years her senior and out of the pro game for the better part of 30 years, equal pay between the sexes would be just around the bend (forget about the fact Riggs – a famous hustler – threw the match ‘cuz the odds were too damn good).
If women ruled countries, there would be no more war.
I grew up with this, and I’m sure I can speak for most of you.
And then, as I got older, things started to change. My eyes, and ears, started opening up. As a teen, my dad and I were talking about the show “Cheers”. I’ll never forget this. He said, “Kid, (he always called me “kid”) wanna know why I love this show? Because everyone is an idiot. Take a look around television, and you’ll see too many programs that depict the man as the idiot. Sam’s an idiot. And Norm. And Coach. But so is Diane… so is Carla. Now THAT’S equal opportunity!”
And, as I grew in my faith, my learning bell-curved. Women’s so-called empowerment is presented in Slut-Walks. In thrusting themselves out the front door for their career, while shovelling off their young ones to strangers at day cares. In obliterating the burgeoning life in their bellies because… well… la raison du jour.
And, more recently, I’ve come reason that – generally speaking – women are angry. They are angry at men. They are angry at their DNA. They are angry at their potency. And, let’s face it, they are angry because they have no faith. They have rejected Christ. And they think the Mother of God is a sham…. an embarrassment to motherhood.
So. I ask you. Can any of you be surprised by this conduct?
All these mini-acts of revolution are culminating, I believe, into a scenario that will shortly take to the streets. Again. As history repeats.
There is only one answer, people. And that Answer rose from the dead. And HE IS ALIVE.
And tomorrow, we celebrate that. Today, let us *bury* ourselves into a thought process of “what would life be like if God were truly dead?”
Well, the video below provides a tiny snippet.

“Heart-string Terrorism” – November 11th, 2015 4:15 pm

I’ve coined it, “Heart-string Terrorism”. It is happening in Missouri, under the banners of “#BlackLivesMatter” and “gay rights”.

It is terrorism with emoticons.

But don’t be fooled by its whimpering facade. It is full-on terrorism, for it will gain its aims by use of intimidation. And violence, if need be, with the crimes being perpetrated against the innocent.

Make no mistake; Payton Head is a terrorist. As are the so-called refugees who are flooding into foreign lands. But they seek not a better life. They seek to destroy yours. Much like what Payton Head has done to Missouri University System President Tim Wolfe.

Heart-string Terrorism is also the ploy being used by rat-bastard prelates in the Vatican.

Like I’ve said many times before; Satan, particular to this age, has shed the cloven feet and and serpentine features. Satan, ever cunning, has borrowed from the Sunday morning infomercial showing the sullen and sickly, with hand outstretched… and the voice-over pleading “won’t you help him?”

“Body Blow… Body Blow… Mr. Verrecchio” – June 3rd, 2015 7:10 pm


“For Pope Francis, you see, Summorum Pontificum wasn’t an act of justice that clarified the fact that the Traditional Mass had never been abrogated; affirming that the Mass of Ages remains sacred and venerable for all generations.

Rather, for him, it was simply a prudent way of dealing with the sensitivities of ideologues, and truly little more than an act of “patience and kindness to people who are addicted to a certain fashion.””

– Louie Verrecchio?, “Wake Up…”

Dealing with ideologue sensitivities. I couldn’t agree more.

The best defence, is a good offence my friends. Louie has bobbed, weaved, and delivered a devastating body blow in his bang-on commentary.

Perhaps… just, perhaps… “traditionalists” (aka Catholics) need to carry themselves publicly in a way that would make the modernists who have infiltrated the church feel more than a little uncomfortable.

I dunno about you, but this most recent blog post by Mr. Verrecchio is just drenched in Christ-like charity. And the charitable punch-to-the-solar-plexus-parting-shot is one with which I couldn’t agree more! Here it comes. Crunch down, tighten your abs, get your damn hands up! – “Yes, wake up calls can be a bitch, I know… but we’re far better off dwelling in a harsh reality than resting in a hopeful fantasy.”

Between Pissed and Pleased re: “Caitlyn” – June 3rd, 2014 1:00 pm

“Inner feelings must inevitably take on flesh, and gender—understood as a mere feeling—must inevitably express itself in material form.”

What Daniel Davis is partly saying in this piece is that we should not forget precisely what Bruce Jenner did on the cover of Vanity Fair. Or, perhaps, what he did NOT do. And what Jenner did not do was pose in a suit and tie WHILE calling himself Caitlyn.

A very salient point by Mr. Davis. I suppose.

Or, we can be more than a little pissed at drifting further into confusion and disorientation due to the cultural haranguing over something that is as simple as simple can be; God created man and woman, whose primary purpose is to propagate humanity.

Okay. Just allow me small respite to enjoy the write-up in The Federalist. I’ll be pissed in just a minute…

It’s Alright, Mystery Tunnel Man; The Blessed Virgin is Comfortable in (Man)Caves – March 7th, 2015 5:12 pm

“What was the deal with the rosary and poppy?

Cave-ins were always a concern despite his efforts to support the tunnel, McDonald said. After a close call, he pinned the rosary, a gift from his sister, and the poppy up as a sign of good luck.

“It was kind of for protection. It was for good luck, a prayer,” he said. “My sister had given me the rosary and the poppy I found at Remembrance Day.””

– National Post, March 7, 2015

So, the Toronto ‘mystery tunnel’ builder speaks out.

Personally, I found the story quite intriguing on a few fronts.

First off, I’m always mesmerized by accounts of those – who may not ordinarily believe – who are drawn to Truth via the Mystical.  And that’s what I believe was at play, here.  Mr. McDonald, himself, recounted that trumping the fear of being buried alive would be the hanging of what is considered to be one of the most SPIRITUALLY volatile weapons at humanity’s disposal; the Rosary.

Secondly, the fact that this all took place several feet under ground is more than a little intriguing… in what has been called, by some, a subterranean “man-cave”.  Sure, we could kid about the type of signal Elton would have had for his Sunday football viewing whims… or joke about the kind of snacks he’d be able to munch on between 1 and 4 pm kickoffs… or toss around the feasibility of hydraulic jack-ing a mechanically reclining La-Z-Boy into the pit’s recesses.  Ah, the luxury of a portable electric generator!

But forget about all that for a moment.  The whole ‘seeking protection, so I’ll hang a Rosary in a cave’ really hits home.

The birth of Our Lord in a manger, which has been described by some historians as a stable hewn from stone, portrays an image of dank surroundings… of cold… of raw earthiness.

And then, we have the resistance of 8th century Spaniards against the invading Muslims.  To borrow from an account surrounding Our Lady of Covadonga –

“Covadonga is a mountainous region in the province of Asturias in the extreme north west of Spain. Following the Islamic Arab invasion of Spain in 711, Roderic, the Christian Visigoth King of Spain was defeated and killed at the Battle of Guadalete. The battle was decisive and led to the swift conquest of most of Visigothic Spain.

The remnant of the Visigoth nobility retreated to the remote mountains of northern Spain. According to texts written in northern Iberia during the ninth century, they elected in 718 AD a man named Pelayo, or Pelagius, as their leader. Pelayo’s father had been a dignitary at the court of the Visigoth King Egica. Pelayo gathered a band of warriors to resist Islamic encroachment. When in 722 the Arab commander of Spain sent an army to eliminate this resistance, the Christian army made its stand at a place of many caves known as Covadonga.

According to tradition Pelayo retreated to a cave where a hermit had secreted a statue of the Virgin Mary, saved from the Muslim conquest. He prayed to the virgin for victory. In the subsequent battle the Christians made use of the natural defences. The moorish commander fell in the battle, and his soldiers fled. This victory, considered the first of the Christian reconquista of Spain, established the independence of the Kingdom of Asturias in north west Spain.”

Underground tombs, or caves, became the first asylum for Christians.  And the Cave Church of Cyprus is but one example of many, throughout history.  As legend has it, villagers in Kato Deftera, near Nicosia, were drawn to a mysterious light emanating from the nearby mountains.  What they stumbled upon was… incredible.  Mystical.

Please work through the broken english from this Cypriot website.  It’s well worth the read.

And then… AND THEN!… when you’re done, please listen to this awesome audio podcast about Christian restorations starting in caves.  (The VideoSancto presentation is above, ‘cuz you can’t bang on this enough!)

Yeah, I’ve tied in quite a number of things to this ‘mystery tunnel’ story.  Reaching?  I don’t think so.

Hey… even if McDonald didn’t know it at the time, his hanging a Rosary on a stud a couple of metres below ground was quite profound.

‘Cuz it would seem while Elton McDonald’s quote about “good luck” belies any real connection with Catholicism, his action with the Most Holy Rosary is more Catholic than most, I’d say.

An Unborn Child Is A Chinese Wolf Is An Amoeba… Right? – March 6th, 2015 9:41 pm

A friend of mine proclaimed that this (“inhumane” killing of wolves) must STOP!
I responded with a question on how he felt about abortion.
He replied with “Not sure what this has to do with abortion, but I do believe in free choice..”
I came back with “how about the free choice to electrocute an animal for its fur?”
I continued with, “Why must THAT stop, but ripping children from the wombs of their mothers be permitted as “free choice”?”

And I’ll say this. I have incredible respect for this friend of mine who has not deleted my comments. I have respect for this friend who will, at the very least, engage in some kind of perfunctory back and forth.

I’ll take it. I’ll gladly take it.

Kevin Faibish, you’ve gone above and beyond. Thanks. I mean that. I disagree with you with a vehemence that can only be rooted in Truth… but I am truly thankful that you at least permitted me a tiny platform on your Facebook post.

Baby steps, people.
Baby steps.
(Someone should use that as the title of some pro-life novel, eh?… just a thought.)



Still Plugging Away, But Could Use Some Serious Prayer… And Help – February 21st, 2015 2:28 pm

Last summer, I had a job opportunity with the good people at Immaculate Heart Radio in California.  Alas, it didn’t pan out for me and my family.  Here is the demo I submitted –

I thought the day of my firing was rough.  I’m still hoping and praying that things turn around real soon for me and my family.  If you have any leads to work that could help me out, I would be tremendously grateful!  But what I can always use an abundance of, is prayer.

I know something will happen.  In the interim, I’ve just gotta keep plugging away.

Pax Christi.

Standing for freedom. Standing for faith