Pax Tecum!

My name is Damian Goddard.  I’m a 43-year old Catholic Canadian who, with a little help from his wife, can also get by in any conversation conducted in Swiss-German dialect.  Latin?  Not so much.  But I’m tryin’.

I’ve spent some 20 years in the television and radio broadcast industry here in Canada.  But the work has been few and far between since May 10th, 2011 when I sent a tweet defending “the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage”.  The very next day, after a virtual media firestorm, I was fired from my position as weekend anchor at Rogers Sportsnet – one of Canada’s leading sports networks.  Some might be inclined to say it’s been all down-hill for Damian Goddard since May 11th, 2011.  Well, they couldn’t be further from the truth.  To this day, I believe my firing was the making of me.  And no, I’m not high on some good Latin Mass incense.  I am forging ahead on a spiritual journey through a treacherous wilderness that appears to be claiming many souls.  I’m so thankful that you’ve decided to join me on this journey… or, at least my about page!  I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give.  I thank you.  My wife since December 2000 Andrea thanks you.  And little Evelyn and Lukas thank you.  Though, they’d love you more if you sent some Swiss chocolates.

So.  You’re wondering – “what’s damiangoddard.com all about?”  For my mission statement, click here.
For those who’re like “I don’t like this damiangoddard.com thingy and, by God, I’m gonna tell him a thing or two”, you can contact me here.
And to the very, very few who actually “get” me, like my mom, my dad, Michael Sean Winters-types, and others who are willing to help me financially in this apostolate, God bless you!  And, uh, please click here.


Via written, video and audio blogging, roundtable discussions, and one-on-one interviews for internet broadcast, the mission of damiangoddard.com is to embolden people to live out their faith in this world, and build God’s Kingdom in the next.  At the heart of this venture, is abiding by the teachings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church – the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

We are commissioned to be the salt of the earth.  This endeavour will be full of “flavour”.

We are to be the light of the world.  Issues that impact our culture will be put under the spotlight, in the hopes that we can bring folks to a better understanding of this simple fact – there is no joy without Christ.

That is the hope.  That is the mission.

Standing for freedom. Standing for faith