DamoVlog “Midnight mission statement before the launch of damiangoddard.com”

Broadcasting in your basement? You don’t say! There are great plans afoot with damiangoddard.com. Stay tuned! And please support this monumental endeavour! Thank you. And God bless you.

DamoVlog “Ding Dong, McGuinty’s Gone… but what’s next for Ontarians?”

This just in… Dalton McGuinty steps down as Ontario Premier! But the question now is, who will step in? We should keep our party hats and streamers in the closet because this stinky mess could get a whole lot worse.

DamoVlog “Missing Minnesota, Storming Oshawa, and Standing up against Abortion”

Unable to defend marriage in Minneapolis… Stopped at the border in Buffalo… speaking on my firing from Rogers Sportsnet in Oshawa… and a weekend chock-full of fighting abortion. It was a very busy week for yours truly.

DamoVlog “Makin’ Friends, Defundin’ Abortion”

Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten says Catholic kids can’t bring any anti-abortion talk into their schools. Like hell they can’t, Laurel. Like hell they can’t. It’s time to defund abortion.

DamoVlog “Catholics Biden and Ryan Miss the Mark on Abortion”

Two Catholic VP hopefuls. Two different opinions on abortion. Both miss the boat.

DamoVlog “Welcome to the Year of Faith”

I’ve got your Vatican II, right heeya.

DamoVlog “Canadian Kathlyc Politicians Fleecing the Flock”

Yup. Ontario’s Minister of Education just said that.

DamoVlog “Defund Abortion”

Mini-rallies at MPP constituency offices across Ontario. It is time to defund abortion.

DamoVlog “Big Announcement”

Coming November 1, 2012 – damiangoddard.com

DamoVlog “Biased Reporting on Chick-fil-A”

This is what journalism has become. Where is the objectivity? Nowhere to be seen in this short clip from 7-News Boston.
No need to wonder what reporter Dan Hausle’s opinion is on Chick-fil-A… or marriage, for that matter.
No wonder why people are fleeing from the nonsense being spewed by the mainstream media.

Standing for freedom. Standing for faith