Catholicism, With a Rather Large Side Order of Protestantism… Brazilian-Style – July 22nd, 2013 4:33 pm

Shasta Darlington is the CNN reporter walking alongside the throng at a Catholic rock concert… er, Mass in Sao Paolo.  Shasta proclaims “… and these people are just having a great time!”  (Because everyone was having “a great time” on Calvary as Our Lord hung bloodied and beaten to a pulp on a wooden cross.)

Shasta also underlines the entire piece by proclaiming this little nugget of information; “In the 2010 census, just 65%… said they were Catholic, down from 92% in 1970.”

Hmm.  What has happened since 1970 in the Catholic Church.

Lex Orandi.  Lex Credendi.

One more time.  With feeling.

Lex Orandi.

Lex Credendi.

Lex Vivendi.


Kyrie Eleison.