Who shot JR? Heretics! – November 24th, 2012 10:14am

Unless you’re Larry Hagman’s pastor, please refrain from telling the world that he is in Heaven.
But then, even JR’s confessor – if he even had one! – wouldn’t be able to make that distinction.
Sorry, but these notions of “once saved, always saved” and “God’s love is greater than your rejection of Him” is Protestant… and heretical.
We Goddards continue to pray for the soul of Andrea’s father. But to ASSUME “Pops” is in Heaven is not only absurd, but mocks the unfathomable beauty of the Beatific Vision.
Also, aborted babies – according to Catholic Church teaching, not according to Damian Goddard! – are not in Heaven. They are in Limbo.
If you’re offended by this post, please partake in a perusal of official Church teaching before you rip my head off!
That said… how’d you like that spin of alliteration, huh? “please, partake, perusal”. (okay, now “Piss-off” Damo!)