An Unborn Child Is A Chinese Wolf Is An Amoeba… Right? – March 6th, 2015 9:41 pm

A friend of mine proclaimed that this (“inhumane” killing of wolves) must STOP!
I responded with a question on how he felt about abortion.
He replied with “Not sure what this has to do with abortion, but I do believe in free choice..”
I came back with “how about the free choice to electrocute an animal for its fur?”
I continued with, “Why must THAT stop, but ripping children from the wombs of their mothers be permitted as “free choice”?”

And I’ll say this. I have incredible respect for this friend of mine who has not deleted my comments. I have respect for this friend who will, at the very least, engage in some kind of perfunctory back and forth.

I’ll take it. I’ll gladly take it.

Kevin Faibish, you’ve gone above and beyond. Thanks. I mean that. I disagree with you with a vehemence that can only be rooted in Truth… but I am truly thankful that you at least permitted me a tiny platform on your Facebook post.

Baby steps, people.
Baby steps.
(Someone should use that as the title of some pro-life novel, eh?… just a thought.)