The Demise of Quebec – Part Deux – December 13th, 2012 1:41pm

In the “not-so-United States” of America, the embattled state of Michigan finds itself in the media spotlight.

The “RighttoWork” legislation should be drawing the attention of Pro-Lifers, too.  Because… well, hey… Steven Crowder loves life.  Particularly his.

Of course The Economist has used “anti-union” verbiage to describe the… uh… impasse.

Right.  Because “Right to Work” is about as anti-union as “Traditional Marriage” is anti-gay.

The beat goes on, MSM.

Anyway, south of the border, Michigan is one hot mess.

Up here in Canada?  Quebec continues to stick its left foot in “it”.

You may have read here, what I think of Quebec and where it’s headed.

Well, just days after the news of religious liberty being infringed upon broke, LifeSiteNews has this on something that already reared its head in California not too long ago.

The payoff? – “Proposing an intervention aimed at changing sexual orientation … could corroborate the false belief that being gay is abnormal.”

Abnormal.  Intrinsically disordered.

It may be semantics, but either way, it puts official Catholic Church teaching on the front burner.

Or, rather, on the stake.

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