Video Proof Of When God Is Buried – March 26th, 2016

I grew up, bombarded by the culture surrounding me, that women were the answer.
If women were at the helm of corporations, moral business conduct would surge.
If a female pro-tennis player could beat a male counterpart 26 years her senior and out of the pro game for the better part of 30 years, equal pay between the sexes would be just around the bend (forget about the fact Riggs – a famous hustler – threw the match ‘cuz the odds were too damn good).
If women ruled countries, there would be no more war.
I grew up with this, and I’m sure I can speak for most of you.
And then, as I got older, things started to change. My eyes, and ears, started opening up. As a teen, my dad and I were talking about the show “Cheers”. I’ll never forget this. He said, “Kid, (he always called me “kid”) wanna know why I love this show? Because everyone is an idiot. Take a look around television, and you’ll see too many programs that depict the man as the idiot. Sam’s an idiot. And Norm. And Coach. But so is Diane… so is Carla. Now THAT’S equal opportunity!”
And, as I grew in my faith, my learning bell-curved. Women’s so-called empowerment is presented in Slut-Walks. In thrusting themselves out the front door for their career, while shovelling off their young ones to strangers at day cares. In obliterating the burgeoning life in their bellies because… well… la raison du jour.
And, more recently, I’ve come reason that – generally speaking – women are angry. They are angry at men. They are angry at their DNA. They are angry at their potency. And, let’s face it, they are angry because they have no faith. They have rejected Christ. And they think the Mother of God is a sham…. an embarrassment to motherhood.
So. I ask you. Can any of you be surprised by this conduct?
All these mini-acts of revolution are culminating, I believe, into a scenario that will shortly take to the streets. Again. As history repeats.
There is only one answer, people. And that Answer rose from the dead. And HE IS ALIVE.
And tomorrow, we celebrate that. Today, let us *bury* ourselves into a thought process of “what would life be like if God were truly dead?”
Well, the video below provides a tiny snippet.