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Islam. The Sad, The Rabid, And Its Rot. – January 8th, 2015 3:15 pm


Tragically, in the follow up to the atrocities in Paris, too many have expressed hatred towards Muslims as a generality.
I believe their focus to be misdirected.
Our focus should be on the stench, the rotted corpse that is Islam.  

The religion is false… wicked. It’s adherents, I believe for the most part, are misguided, lost souls who need proselytizing.  And quick.
Some are trapped like sad, sad pets mired in a physically and mentally abusive relationship.

Others, trapped like rabid animals in a cage.  
The sad ones deserve our sympathy and prayers.  
The rabid ones need to be fought with the vigour of a medieval Crusader. As for discerning between the ‘sad’ and the ‘rabid’, there is a little thing called “taqiyya”. Which makes this mess all the more intolerable.
And, which also leads us back to fetid religion called… Islam.