The Church of Martha, Martha – November 6th, 2012 10:14am

I would wish that every one of my Catholic friends read this brief essay from my good friend Louie Verrecchio. It finishes with a whallop; a healthy, masculine, slap upside the head –

“We’ve become the Church of Martha, Martha — feminized, frenzied and busy about many things; a Church that is all-too-frequently distracted from the only mission that really matters; converting the world to Christ who didn’t lay down His life to establish a think tank.

To that end, I hereby respectfully submit to the Synod the following amendment:

Proposition 59 — Go ye therefore to all nations; teaching in firmness and in love all that the Lord has commanded, inviting all to the sanctification made available only through the grace of conversion to the one true Church that He Himself established for our salvation, governing not in the manner of lawyers and legislators but as legates of Christ the King.”

Election Day – November 6th, 2012 12:03am

Oh, how we have squandered the liberties and freedoms afforded us, by those before us, who lost their lives fighting for it.

They lost their lives, folks.  Dead.  But oh so living, in my hope… for greater love hath no man that he lay down his life for another.

And what?  What are we worried about? Right here, right now.  Here in Canada.. the true north… strong?… free?…
What’re we worried about?  Losing a few friends on Facebook?  Stepping out of line at work, and thus forfeiting that promotion?

Is there a sense of foreboding in this post?  I wish it were not so.  There is a fear here in Canada that is palpable.  You can taste it, in how folk have become so afraid to speak basic truths, to openly live a life based on these intrinsic values we hold near and dear.

And I hope I’m wrong, but the final domino of freedom is about to fall.  Barring a miracle.

I’ve spent the better part of a year chiming in on the American Presidential Election which is now upon us.  This election doesn’t just affect Americans.  It is of vital importance not just to Canadians.  This is for the free world.

It is my opinion that the United States cannot bear another four years of Barack Obama.  That said, Mitt Romney is still a vote for evil.  Just… lesser than, as if that’s supposed to give us the warm and fuzzies.

This path we’re on is about to get a whole lot rockier.  How strong are we?  How resilient?  How dedicated  DO WE WANT TO BE in rebuilding a society in moribund decay?

Is it possible to recapture what has been squandered?  The answer is, yes.

Americans like to say “One Nation, under God.”  We here in Canada would like to borrow that.  It’s my hope that the entire world does the same.

But a hinge is about to swing on history.  What world will we wake up to on Wednesday, November 7th?

I am a history grad from the University of Western Ontario.  I’ve always taken a shining to history lessons.  Here’s an excellent one.

Good night.  And God bless us all.

For this reason, a man will leave his mother and father…

Two flesh.  Becoming one.
Ruminate on that for a moment.
And then, if you have children, look into their eyes as they giggle back.
Acknowledge their mother’s temperament.  Notice daddy’s cow-lick.
Then, in your down time, stew on those words once again – two flesh, become one.
Miraculous, ain’t it?

Okay, so where my blog post lacks in production value, this video makes up for it.
In spades.

From Baum to Bombs, Voris lets fly on collared dissenters.

Don’t mean to spoil the end of today’s Vortex, but “purveyors of spiritual abortion must be silenced” was too good to pass up.

And not that I was ever waiting for the phone to ring off my hook after my dismissal, but Salt & Light TV has never reached out to me; a faithful Catholic, and 20-year veteran of both television and radio.

Hmm.  Maybe I’m not “the right fit for (that) organization”, as well.

Move over, Rogers Sportsnet.

Why November 1st?

One question I get more than any other is, “would you take back that tweet?” The answer is oft-times met with a pert, “absolutely not”. I am as my Catholic faith made me, after all.

Which, I’m certain, causes many other Catholic acquaintances to roll their eyes like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Yeah. I just said that.

But one question I have yet to receive is this – “why select November 1st as the date to launch” Good question, if I do say so myself. Which I just did.

The reason is simple; All Saints Day.

I must admit that much intercessory prayer has gone up to those blessed souls who are, as of this very moment, completely enveloped in the Beatific Vision. I have spent the last number of years leaning quite heavily on the Saints – the men, women, and children who spent their earthly lives setting an example for all to follow, in accordance with the Queen of Heaven.

Yeah, it’s a Catholic thing.

Well, it was during one of those down moments roughly six years ago when I found myself seeking some direction. So I got dressed, jumped in the car, and went to… Chapters.

You thought I was gonna say Mass, didn’t you. Admit it, you Bible-thumping freak.

Anyhoo, I was just kinda aimlessly flipping through the oodles of chicken-noodley, pseudo-pagan, self-worship, self-help concoctions in the “Religion and Spirituality” aisle, when I came across a book that caught my eye.
“Voices of the Saints”. By Bert Ghezzi.

Hmm. An Italian Catholic. Interesting.

I bought the book, took it home, and didn’t open it for a few days. (Enter backstory of my Grade 1 report card – “Damian is easily distracted.” Groan)

But when I did get around to it, I decided I would pick the first of the 365 Saints therein via random selection.

I felt like one of the contestants spinning that giant wheel on the Price is Right.

The Saint I selected was St. Catherine Labouré.

So THAT’S where the Miraculous Medal came from!, I almost blurted out halfway through her story.

And then, the final words in that saintly entry, that stabbed at my heart – “I knew nothing. I was nothing. For this reason God picked me out.”

I remember my weeping being so… full… so cleansing. I actually felt like a filmy, scummy, residue was rubbed off my heart… kinda like how we rub our thumbs over the mouldy parts of a carrot while under running water.

Okay. So you now know that I’m a huge procrastinator AND that I don’t like throwing away food. (Drea, stop laughing)

I’m a pretty emotional guy, (not femme-bot emotional, manly-man emotional) but these tears were profound. I went on to lap “Voices of the Saints” well before the “a Saint for each day” prescription.

And then I went all Victor Kiam on Ghezzi. I loved the book so much, I decided to cold-call the man to say “thank you”. Bert and I have become friends. Though, we have not chatted in quite some time. But now, with this website and broadcast endeavour, I have a reason to make that reconnection.

The Saints. They are perfect role-models. They are gifts from God. And many times, their gifts are presented in bloody, bloody, horrific, self-sacrifice. As God wills. As Christ wants from us, His beloved.
For greater love hath no man…

So, why November 1st?

Because I’ve constantly got some scum that needs rubbing. And I thank the Saints for helping keep me honest. And incredibly joyful.

Welcome to

Well… here we go, folks! is off and running.  This isn’t just a website.  This is the forging of a  relationship, via membership.
And if you believe in freedom… and if you have faith… well then, my friend, go pick up your orange drink chit and bag of ruffled potato chips, YOU’RE IN!
You’re in.
Because nothing in this world is as sweet as freedom.  And true freedom comes from One “power source”.  Three in One.  Divine in nature.  Humbled in humanity.  And we get to share in this.
They say “membership has its privileges”.  And yet, it is I who is privileged.  I am deeply humbled, that you freely chose to come for the ride.
Let’s get to it, friends.  No sense in wastin‘ time, seeing as all-out war has been declared on freedom.
Here we go.

Standing for freedom. Standing for faith