Many Turned Away – December 2nd, 2013 12:09 pm

Many disciples turned away.

One of the most stirring words in Scripture, taking place in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of St. John the Evangelist.

Disciples, of Whom Our Lord had MANY, about-faced on Truth. A biblical scholar I can’t put my finger on right now, had researched that in excess of a few HUNDRED people – all at once – up and left.  Apparently, John 6:66 was at the very NEXUS and HEIGHT of Christ’s ministry!  Ruminate on that for a brief moment.

Should Jesus have moulded His words for a “modernized man” who could not bear to listen?  Whether he should have or should not have, is irrelevant.  He didn’t adjust His most Glorious Words.  And that is why reading paragraphs 94 and 95 of Evangelii Gaudium wounded my heart.

To those who are also wounded, I say; do NOT turn away!  This is a suffering that MUST occur!  Let that pang COMPLETELY envelope your body… and pray, “Lord, I desire to suffer for souls… including my OWN.”

Many disciples turned away.  I refuse to do so.

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus!