“Heart-string Terrorism” – November 11th, 2015 4:15 pm

I’ve coined it, “Heart-string Terrorism”. It is happening in Missouri, under the banners of “#BlackLivesMatter” and “gay rights”.

It is terrorism with emoticons.

But don’t be fooled by its whimpering facade. It is full-on terrorism, for it will gain its aims by use of intimidation. And violence, if need be, with the crimes being perpetrated against the innocent.

Make no mistake; Payton Head is a terrorist. As are the so-called refugees who are flooding into foreign lands. But they seek not a better life. They seek to destroy yours. Much like what Payton Head has done to Missouri University System President Tim Wolfe.

Heart-string Terrorism is also the ploy being used by rat-bastard prelates in the Vatican.

Like I’ve said many times before; Satan, particular to this age, has shed the cloven feet and and serpentine features. Satan, ever cunning, has borrowed from the Sunday morning infomercial showing the sullen and sickly, with hand outstretched… and the voice-over pleading “won’t you help him?”