About As Wrong As Wrong Can Get – September 24th, 2014 12:54 pm


“But there is something worse than a black mass.  It is the abuse of God’s Mercy.”

So says Fr. Paul Nicholson.  And it breaks my heart.  But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that my first emotion was utter contempt and disgust.

Let me preface what I’m about to say by stating that I know Fr. Nicholson personally.  We’ve recited the rosary on a “road trip” to Ferndale, Michigan.  He has slept in my home and broken bread with me, my wife Andrea and our two children Evelyn and Lukas.  For a very brief time, he provided Spiritual Direction.  While we have not spoken face-to-face since March 22nd, 2013 I believe him to be a good priest.  A good priest who, in my experiences, has questionable motives.  A good priest, with questionable motives, whom I love and pray for.

I first met him on the evening of March 19th, 2011 in Kitchener, Ontario at a speaking engagement featuring Michael Voris.  I had been following Michael on the internet for quite some time before the gala dinner and was enthused to have been asked by a friend if I’d like to accompany a band of fellow Catholics for a 45 minute drive to an event which promised to lift spirits.  At the time, I was one of the lead anchors of a nightly network sports program “Connected” on Rogers Sportsnet.  With the gala taking place on a Saturday, combined with the fact that I was a weekend sports anchor, I believed it to be well worth my while to request that evening off.  Difficult to do admittedly, as my work week consisted of a full-time gig squeezed into three days.  But, mission accomplished.  And I was stoked.

I was not only honoured to have met Mr. Voris that evening, but was humbled to have met the acquaintance of a jolly, diminutive priest by the name of Paul Nicholson.  The mediator of said encounter had joked something along the lines of “it’s not often you see high-profile, television broadcasters who are proudly Catholic who take the time to make it to events such as these.”  I had reiterated that I was the one who was truly grateful for being privy to such a dynamic talker, and spiritually buoyed by being amongst a throng of devoted Catholics assembled in one banquet hall.

I have good memories of Fr. Paul Nicholson that I refuse to stain with our subsequent falling out.  But, while it still stings a bit, I’ve reconciled with the fact that he no longer wants anything to do with me.

And now we approach the crux of this blog post.

Friends on social media, whether Twitter or Facebook, have come to realize just how outspoken I have been in recent years on not just the ineffable beauty of the Catholic faith, but the diabolical disputations crafted from outside the Church – and within! – which seek to undermine (as Pope Leo XIII of holy memory said, echoing St. Thomas Aquinas) the “Perfect Society” that Christ Himself established.  With much thanks due to one Louie Verrecchio, who has become a very close friend, my eyes have been opened to the extraordinary, traditional teachings of the Holy Magisterium.  The pre-conciliar texts from our Holy Pontiffs scream of an impending war with those who feel the church needs to change with the times.  Of course, that notion is simply preposterous.  “The right to be wrong”?  Un-Catholic, full stop.  And with that, the condemnation of so-called religious liberty follows suit.  To wit, it is accurate to say this (and of course it will offend many); it is impossible to please God outside of the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the Catholic Church.

Islam.  Protestantism.  Judaism.  Buddhism.  Zoroastrianism.  Wicca…


These are all religions.  All of them gradate from Truth.  The last one has not a shred of it.  But it is a religion – a false one, from the pit of hell – notwithstanding.

And that leads me to Fr. Paul’s recent blog post where he not only acknowledges the evil of the satanic black mass, but sadly – maddeningly! – associates the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) with these vile calumniators of Christ!

If any faithful Catholic has ever taken the time to research on a mere cursory level what precisely happens in a black mass, the roiling filth through which these disturbed souls drag Love Himself, they know how much hatred I have in my soul for this demonic worship.  And it always saddens my heart when fellow Catholics, in the spirit of Vatican II “religious liberty”, DE FACTO hold up this sordid sorcery in an effort to appease man and his sensibilities.

And where are God’s rights?  Put under the bus, as they say.

And the defence of this cowardly position which, in its essence, spits in the eye of Christ’s Great Commission?  “Well, God is all merciful.”

Yes.  In this age, the “abuse of God’s mercy” holds a penthouse view courtesy of Vatican II!  But then, one must acknowledge God’s mercy in order to “abuse” it… no?

Which brings us back to Fr. Paul’s quote.  Satanists hate God.  They despise Him as un-merciful.  So how is it that the SSPX could be guilty of a greater crime?  They would be, if they were in cloak and dagger, disguised as satan’s beguiling proxies.

But they are not!  They are not.  Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, of good memory (I pray for the day I can state “of HOLY memory”, but this post-conciliar church – if I am correct – does not permit me to use such a phrase in this context… and I will be obedient), refused to buy into this new church mentality which was prophesied by previous popes and prelates (and SAINTS), too many to list here.  As it says in the meme provided on this post, Archbishop Lefebvre never changed… never wavered from Sacred Tradition.  And while I am not in any way, shape, or form associated with his Society, I honour him for his steadfast ways.

I have been to the Traditional Latin Mass more times in the past two years than I have been in the previous 40.  And I can’t tell you how much it fills my soul to be present at the Vetus Ordo.  To see the ancient Roman rite re-presented right in front of my eyes at it has been done for some 1500 years.

Fifteen HUNDRED years!  Lest we forget, we have in part Archbishop Lefebvre to thank for this.

Not cast his brothers as worse than active, diabolical desacralizers of Christ!

Heaven forbid it.


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  1. Jamesq September 24, 2014 at 10:48 #

    It seems almost demonic the impulsive reaction many people show towards the SSPX. Even people who have never had any contact with them. It’s an irrational hatred, and a true hatred towards them. And it seems to contradict the message of charity when it comes to other truly separated denominations.

    They are not heretics, they are not excommunicated, they are also not in schism. They simply do not have canonical status, they are “canonically irregular.” I simply do not understand why it is so hard to simply give them canonical status.

    Is it because they criticize Vatican II? There are traditional priests that have canonical status. There are heretical priests who love Vatican II that have canonical status.

    In reading some articles regarding the current visit in Rome, I read one article which said that “there are some in the Vatican who want a split.” There are some in the Vatican who want a formal schism. They truly hate the SSPX, why else would they actually want a schism? This reeks of a diabolical disorientation, even affecting otherwise solid priests.

  2. Clayton Richard Long September 24, 2014 at 10:48 #

    Good response.

  3. Long-Skirts September 24, 2014 at 10:48 #



    “On 28 May 2011 Father Couture, the District Superior, came to visit our Convent. He had been delegated by Bishop Fellay to receive the vows of Mother Mary Micaela as she transferred from the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of New Zealand to the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui. [A congregation “friendly” with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X – FSSPX / SSPX.]

    “She had special permission from the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes in Rome to do this. As far as we know this is a world first, that a Sister would be allowed to transfer from a Novus Ordo congregation to a congregation set up by Bishop Fellay. The whole procedure implies a recognition of our Congregation, and of the religious of Tradition, by Rome.”

    You have outdone yourself with your article, Damian, may God bless you abundantly for your defense of the One, True, Faith!


    I love the Church
    With all my heart
    Have watched the wolves
    Tear her apart

    Have watched the wolves
    Confuse and lie
    Attack the sheep
    Leave them to die

    But who am I?
    A simple poet
    Missouri bred
    So I must show it

    And show it how?
    Sometimes not pretty
    When I crank out
    An angry ditty

    Missouri bred
    A stubborn mule
    All heresy
    I’ll not help fuel

    Like when deny
    His Presence real
    Won’t genuflect
    Or even kneel

    But then the Holy Ghost
    Says “Show ’em”
    Inspires me
    To write a poem

    So that is when
    And why at Mass…
    God gives me poems
    To kick their *ss!

  4. Chris September 26, 2014 at 10:48 #

    May I ask what are Fr. Paul’s “questionable motives”? I, too, find his statements against the SSPX as RIDICULOUS as anything. My own small experience with Fr. Paul was very poor. It seemed to me that his ” apostolic mission preacher” status has a lot to do with $$$

    • Damian Goddard October 1, 2014 at 10:48 #

      Chris, one of his questionable motives is his condemnation of the SSPX. That’s really all I’m prepared to say right now. I will say this, though; we need to pray for the priesthood. We need to pray for Fr. Paul Nicholson.

  5. Christine Niles September 29, 2014 at 10:48 #

    I say this as a friend: I get that you may have a good-faith disagreement with Fr. Paul over the SSPX. But to attack his integrity is quite another thing.

    I’ve gotten to know Fr. Paul pretty well over the past two years. I can say without a doubt that the only thing that motivates him is the salvation of souls. Period.

    • Damian Goddard October 1, 2014 at 10:48 #

      I thank you for your charitable response. Really, I do. I am curious as to what integrity you believe I’ve “attacked”. Seeing as you’ve gotten to know Fr. Paul on a personal level, would you be willing to divulge if you’ve ever had a conversation with him about the SSPX? One can still seek the salvation of souls and go about it the wrong way. That is what I am saying in this post. To even breathe of the SSPX in a manner which would equate this holy society to the practice of satanism reeks of injustice, calumny, and malfeasance.

      God love you.

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