The Church of Martha, Martha – November 6th, 2012 10:14am

I would wish that every one of my Catholic friends read this brief essay from my good friend Louie Verrecchio. It finishes with a whallop; a healthy, masculine, slap upside the head – “We’ve become the Church of Martha, Martha — feminized, frenzied and busy about many things; a Church that is all-too-frequently distracted from the […]

Why November 1st?

One question I get more than any other is, “would you take back that tweet?” The answer is oft-times met with a pert, “absolutely not”. I am as my Catholic faith made me, after all. Which, I’m certain, causes many other Catholic acquaintances to roll their eyes like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Yeah. I […]

Welcome to

Well… here we go, folks! is off and running.  This isn’t just a website.  This is the forging of a  relationship, via membership. And if you believe in freedom… and if you have faith… well then, my friend, go pick up your orange drink chit and bag of ruffled potato chips, YOU’RE IN! You’re […]