Let’s Not Taint An Incredible Super Bowl Finish – February 2nd, 2015 9:55 am

Did Pete Carroll really botch the Super Bowl?


“”I made the decision,” Carroll said in exonerating Wilson and Bevell. “I said, ‘Throw the ball,’ and we went with the play that we thought would give us a chance to get in the end zone. We had great matchups for the call that we made, and it didn’t work out. They made a better play than we did.”

As much as Carroll did the honorable thing in assuming full responsibility, he also claimed he made the right call. The Seattle coach said he sent out three wide receivers for that fateful play, noticed New England was stacking the box for Lynch and decided to throw on second down, then run it on third and fourth down, if needed.

“We were going to win the game,” Carroll said.”


I wake up this morning more fully convinced that the difference was not a botched play, as the world sees it, but a near miraculous, HUGE PLAY from rookie Marcus Butler that capped off an incredible Super Bowl.

Was I expecting the ball to be in Lynch’s hands on the first of three tries in from the one? Sure. But do I have any idea what kind of decision making process has to happen in a matter of moments in the waning moments of the final and most important game of the entire season?

No.  Not one iota.

Sometimes “coulda, woulda, shoulda” should just quiet the hell down.

Sometimes football fan needs to be told “know your role”, which does not include berating an accomplished head coach who knows exactly how to win the big game.

He just didn’t, this time.

And ain’t that life?

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