From Baum to Bombs, Voris lets fly on collared dissenters.

Don’t mean to spoil the end of today’s Vortex, but “purveyors of spiritual abortion must be silenced” was too good to pass up.

And not that I was ever waiting for the phone to ring off my hook after my dismissal, but Salt & Light TV has never reached out to me; a faithful Catholic, and 20-year veteran of both television and radio.

Hmm.  Maybe I’m not “the right fit for (that) organization”, as well.

Move over, Rogers Sportsnet.

2 Responses to “From Baum to Bombs, Voris lets fly on collared dissenters.”

  1. Christina Fritz November 2, 2012 at 10:48 #

    Yeah! Thanks for having backbone for all Canadians born and unborn and for leading the charge to help Catholics and all Christians make a stand on matters that do count. Many feel the way you do, but sometimes it takes the courage of one leader. Thank you for responding to the call!

    • Damian Goddard November 2, 2012 at 10:48 #

      Christina, I have to believe there are a lot more Canadians of like-mind out there than what we’re led to believe. I am overwhelmed the possibility of SHARING this endeavour with others for His glory! I mean, heck… what’re we gonna do?… watch the NHL? heh.

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